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  • no risk of cross contamination
  • quality feel
  • one size fits all
  • advanced led light

As It Should Be

The only complete laryngoscope solution that combines disposable handle, lightsource and blade in a single sterile pack.

britepro solo disposable laryngoscope flexicare

No Risk of Cross-Contamination

Designed for single use only, BritePro Solo laryngoscopes are 100% sterile and packaged individually, thus eliminating the risk of cross-contamination.

Quality Feel without Compromise

With 100% metal blades, BritePro Solo provides the quality and functionality of a reusable. Additionally, with a strong metal-to-metal connection between blade and handle, you can be confident that your tools will perform as well as you do.

Excellent Tissue Visualization from Advanced LED light

Increased illumination through high output LED delivers a bright focused light to where you need it most. Unlike reusable blades and handles that lose light after each cleaning, BritePro Solo is new every time, providing consistent focused light intensity without compromise.

Saving Life Economically

With the risks of cross-contamination from reusable devices rising, so too are the efforts and costs to reprocess the reusable laryngoscope blades and handles. BritePro Solo is more economical and provides better patient care as compared to reusables.

Ready for Anything

Developed for neonates and small infants, BritePro Solo Mini offers the same advantages but with added benefits for the most delicate patients.

britepro solo mini laryngoscope flexicare

Light Weight

Outstanding tactile feedback.

Lateralized Fiber Optic Bundle

Excellent field of view.

Advanced LED Lightsource

Exceptional visualization.

Low Profile

Ideal for small anatomies.

Sterile Packed

No risk of cross-contamination.

Soft Lunate Miller Tip

Improved patient safety.

Improved View

Reduced diameter of light bundle with same bright light.

See the Testimonials section to see how much other hospitals are finding it costs to reprocess their reusable laryngoscopes.

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Choose from our range of options and contact us with the SKUs.

BritePro Solo Handle

BritePro Solo Handle 040-310U 20
BritePro Solo Mini Handle 040-309U 20
BritePro Solo Stubby Handle 040-03-0000U 20

BritePro Solo Mac

BritePro Solo Handle Mac 1 040-331U 10
BritePro Solo Handle Mac 2 040-332U 10
BritePro Solo Handle Mac 3 040-333U 10
BritePro Solo Handle Mac 3.5 040-335U 10
BritePro Solo Handle Mac 3 Strong Curve 040-336U 10
BritePro Solo Handle Mac 4 040-334U 10

BritePro Solo Miller

BritePro Solo Handle Miller 00 040-340NU 10
BritePro Solo Handle Miller 0 040-340U 10
BritePro Solo Handle Miller 1 040-341U 10
BritePro Solo Handle Miller 2 040-342U 10
BritePro Solo Handle Miller 3 040-343U 10
BritePro Solo Handle Miller 4 040-344U 10

BritePro Solo Phillips

BritePro Solo Handle Philips 1 040-361U 10
BritePro Solo Handle Philips 2 040-362U 10