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  • single use laryngoscope

Ready When You Are

BritePro Solo is a revolutionary Single-Use Laryngoscope System designed to help eliminate cross-contamination and eradicate reprocessing costs and performance issues associated with re-sterilisation of reusable laryngoscope handles and blades.

BritePro Solo consists of a handle, LED lightsource and fibre optic all-metal blade, all of which are Single Use and 100% disposable.

britepro solo disposable laryngoscope flexicare


Sterile packed with fitted batteries and changeable blade, BritePro Solo is ready to use straight out of the box.


With the advantage of being new every time, BritePro Solo can be tested “in-pack” without compromising sterility.


Unique textured grip offers excellent control and feel, while the high intensity light provides excellent visualisation.

Ultra Low Profile Blade

Flexicare’s Ultra Low Profile Macintosh blade design reduces risk of dental trauma and improves visualisation of the vocal cords, even during a difficult intubation.

Ready for Anything

Developed for neonates and small infants, BritePro Solo Mini offers the same advantages but with added benefits for the most delicate patients.

britepro solo mini laryngoscope flexicare

Low Profile

Ideal for smaller anatomies.

Light Weight

Outstanding tactile feedback.

Slimline Handle

Improved access in restricted spaces.

Innovative Miller Blades

Lateralised fibre optic bundle with reduced diameter for improved visualisation, and a broader, more rounded tip for a gentle touch.

New Stubby Handle

At only 13cm the standard BritePro® Solo handle is already shorter than most laryngoscopes on the market. However, even at this length, Flexicare® has received increasing requests for a shorter, stubby handle that will aid visualisation of the vocal cords and glottic structures of patients when space is restricted, such as:

britepro solo stubby laryngoscope flexicare

Unique. Disposable and Sterile.

At just 9.5cm, the new Stubby is 30% shorter than the standard BritePro® Solo handle. The unique ergonomically designed barrel shape and textured finish of the Stubby handle fits snuggly into the hand, ensuring an excellent grip and complete control when performing difficult intubations.

Ideal for use with:

  • - Obstetrics
  • - Large breasted patients
  • - Obese/bariatric patients
  • - Patients with a short neck

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Choose from our range of options and contact us with your requirements.

BritePro Solo with Blade

040-340N 040-350N BritePro Solo with Pro Blade Size 00 10
040-340 040-350 BritePro Solo with Pro Blade Size 0 10
040-331 040-341 040-351 040-361 BritePro Solo with Pro Blade Size 1 10
040-332 040-342 040-362 BritePro Solo with Pro Blade Size 2 10
040-333 040-343 BritePro Solo with Pro Blade Size 3 10
040-335 BritePro Solo with Pro Blade Size 3.5 10
040-336 BritePro Solo with Pro Blade Size 3 Strong Curve 10
040-334 040-344 BritePro Solo with Pro Blade Size 4 10

BritePro Solo Handle Only

040-309 BritePro Solo Handle 20
040-310 BritePro Solo Mini Handle 20
040-03-0000 BritePro Solo Stubby Handle 20